The Edit: 3 Pieces of Jewelry That Showcase Lorne’s Distinct Designs

Words by The Folklore Team

Founded in Cape Town by designer Gillian Lawrence, jewelry brand Lorne specializes in handmade collections of earrings, necklaces and rings with distinct shapes that showcase exceptional artisanal skills and design techniques.

Initially known for its sculptural pieces that are inspired by organic forms and imperfect shapes, the brand prides itself on creating sculptural pieces inspired by spontaneity, such as its signature Wild Flower Earrings from the archives. However, more recently, Lorne has expanded its offering to include dainty pieces and colorful stones that add a refined touch to its seasonal collections.

With a focus on flair, diversity and quality, Lorne crafts each piece of jewelry locally using an array of yellow gold, sterling silver, pearls and gold-plated metals along with natural semi-precious gemstones. From simple go-to pieces for everyday wear to items to mark special occasions, Lorne offers a diverse range of jewels to suit any sense of style, look and personality.

Through its LorneTiques range, Lorne also buys, sells, renews and recycles used gold jewellery to create new pieces. LorneTiques offers ethically sourced and tastefully created pieces that promote sustainability while staying affordable. Below, we’ve selected three pieces of jewelry that characterize Lorne’s distinct design flair.

01. The Eli Ring

Featuring a row of elephants along the band, the 7mm-wide Eli ring is crafted from 9ct yellow gold with a diamond set in the eye of one of the creatures. It’s the perfect showcase for Lorne’s craftsmanship, as each elephant is carved by hand. Giving bohemian vibes, the Eli ring will add a subtle shine to any outfit and is a great stacking piece for a maximalist look.

02. The Dara Hoops

A hoop earring is a classic piece of jewelry that everyone needs in their collection, thanks to its simplicity and ability to go with any look. But while it may seem that they have already been made in every iteration and size possible, Lorne has been able to create its own take on the classic style with the Dara Earrings. They have been twisted by hand from gold-plated sterling silver into elegant swirls.

03. The Gemstone

Lorne’s foray into gemstones has been a refreshing addition to its lineup of sculptural jewelry. The brand has taken to updating recycled gold bands that are missing their original stones with semi-precious gems such as citrine, topaz and pearl. This bright-lime peridot stone is surrounded by small pink sapphires that add a luxurious feel.

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