The AW22 Collection by Fruché, “See Finish”, Explores Familiar Territory

Words by The Folklore Team

“Familiarity breeds contempt” the saying goes. In Nigeria, this sentiment that arises when knowing someone too well leads to pushing established boundaries can be summed up with two words, “see finish”, roughly translating to “seen it all”. Inspired by the early days of his career as a fashion designer when he and his work were not taken seriously, Frank Aghuno – the founder of Lagos-based brand Fruché – explores the dichotomy of being a creative in Africa and the realities of everyday life in his new collection for AW22, called “See Finish”.

Aghuno takes items that are easily recognisable and associated with Nigerian culture – such as “Ghana Must Go” bags, Aso Oke fabric used to fashion celebratory garments and fishing nets that are frequently seen along the Nigerian coast – and repurposes them into new pieces that make up the “See Finish” collection. These items, in their everyday guises, are things that the average Nigerian has “seen finish”, without further thought about their uses – from the striped jute bags that are a shorthand for transporting goods to the traditional attire that is commonplace in every wardrobe.

With “See Finish”, Aghuno transforms them into the contemporary designs that has garnered Fruché fans across the world, changing the context in which they have come to be known. The fishing net is now a perforated dress detailed with cowrie shells, which were formerly used as currency in parts of Africa. The Ghana Must Go bag has been fashioned into a waistcoat while two types of denim come together to make one pair of jeans, in a commentary on the ways African fashion is inherently sustainable – each piece is cut and sewn by hand, and a purpose is found for every bit of scrap fabric, thus reducing waste.

As a Nigerian brand with a global outlook, Fruché’s “See Finish” collection – which is now available for wholesale on The Folklore Connect – deftly reclaims an aspect of African culture that, while easy to dismiss and overlook due to its prevalence, remains very much relevant today.

Fruché AW22 “See Finish”

Creative direction: Frank Aghuno
Photography: Ngozieme 

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